EVAL @ ECCV 2020

Embodied Vision, Actions & Language Workshop — Aug 23, 2020

Yonatan Bisk

Jesse Thomason

Mohit Shridhar

Chris Paxton

Peter Anderson

Roozbeh Mottaghi

Eric Kolve

The focus of this workshop is on embodied visual tasks that require the grounding of language to actions in real-world settings. Specifically, we want to draw focus to challenges like partial observability, continuous state spaces, and irrevocable actions for language-guided agents in visual environments. Such challenges are not captured by current datasets for grounding and embodiment [1, 2, 3].

    Key Topics
  • Egocentric and Robotic vision
  • Language Grounding
  • Navigation and Motion Planning
  • Interactive/Causal Reasoning
  • Learning from Demonstration
  • Task and Symbolic Planning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Commonsense Reasoning
To encourage research in embodied vision & language, the workshop includes a benchmark challenge based on ALFRED. This benchmark captures real-world complexities like object state changes, and requires long-horizon planning. This workshop exists to bring together Vision, Robotics, and NLP researchers to tackle the unique challenges of this three-field intersection that are often avoided when focusing only on vision-and-language or vision-and-robotics (i.e., `embodied AI').